Don't Forget Your REALTOR®!

So you are ready to go and find yourself a new home - that is exciting! And perhaps a little bit daunting at the same time…

Before you start shopping for your new home have you found yourself a REALTOR® yet? Why would I need to do that, I can just go to the new home sales office in the community and purchase a home? And, while that is true, it is not in your best interest.

"Why" you ask? When you visit a new home community or even a single new home or custom build somewhere, the person you will be talking to is a sales agent for the builder. That means they work for the builder and their job is to protect the BUILDER's INTEREST.

Who is going to look out for your interest? Well, that is where your REALTOR® comes in. Our job as your REALTOR® is to look out for and protect your interests. We are there to make sure the home gets built and includes all the things that were negotiated in the purchase. We help manage the transaction and advise on 3rd party inspections and negotiate any needed changes with the builder.

We also help set expectations. Help manage communications and make sure you have an extra set of eyes and ears looking out for you. Often times builders have what we refer to as "builder speak" and we can help translate that for you. Asking the hard questions that you may not think of as you start laying out the deposit and going under contract and don't have all the pertinent information that will help you make an informed decision on your purchase. — Yes, that is where we come in looking out for you!

Now, here are some common misconceptions/myths that we hear from people:

1. I can negotiate a lower price on the home if I don't have a REALTOR® — Let us tell you that builders will not lower their price on the home to you just because you don't have representation. In fact, most builders will agree that a buyer that has an agent will result in a smoother transaction (meaning less headaches and troubles) than those people without representation. So why would they lower their price to incur more headaches and trouble?

2. But I want that house at a lower price. — Sure, who doesn't want to pay less for the home? But, that is not always in your best interest either. "Why?" Glad you asked. Lets say you go in and are able to negotiate a lower price on the home. Sure you feel great! Until you hear that the people who purchased after you, maybe even months after, just negotiated a better price on their home than you did; congratulations, you just lost equity in your home! Lowering prices effects home values so you may not want to purchase in a community where this is going on…

3. I can do all that stuff on my own. — Sure, you may be able to but why would you? The builder has already factored in that they will be paying a buyer's agent on the deal. So having us do it for you is like getting free help!

4. I don't need inspections, the builder inspects and the city/county inspectors look too. — It is true that those inspections are going on, but our home inspectors find things they miss all the time! Things like loose studs in walls, gas fireplaces hooked up or not venting correctly, electrical issues, fire blocking issues, plumbing issues, even fasteners holding the foundation to the framing that are missing! Some of these can be life threatening issues!

So in the end, please, please take our advice and involve your REALTOR®! (We would really like it to be us as we have helped many families purchase new construction and even have new construction training on building techniques, and how builders operate — yep, skills!)

Full Strength Realty team is here to help. So let us know when you are ready to start looking and we will be there!

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