Life is full of change and yet most people are constantly trying to avoid change. Seems we are creatures of habit and change is disruptive, change can be scary, change may mean uncertainty. But change nevertheless happens.

A great read is the book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson, M.D. (Click Here to read a snippet or order the book) You can read this in an afternoon and reflect on it for a lifetime! The book shows how change can impact our lives and how we can either fight it or embrace the change.

So why are we writing about change? Well what greater change can you make than to change where you live? Whether you are buying the home next door, down the street, the next town over or across the country that change can be difficult or it can be refreshing. It really depends on how you choose to approach that change.

Having moved over 30 times in my life I have felt the entire rainbow of feelings that comes with this type of change. Those moves have included every type of move except an international move. And when I embraced the change there was less stress, less anxiety, less nervousness. It allowed my experiences to be fulfilling with new adventures, exciting times and a chance to make new friends while cherishing the old.

So, how will you embrace your next move? And speaking of that next move… Why not let the Full Strength Realty Team help you with that. We promise to try and make the change as rewarding as possible!

— Shane Kirk, Team Leader, Full Strength Realty

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